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There was a time when America’s transportation infrastructure was the envy of the world and a point of great pride to our nation. However, today America’s transportation infrastructure is failing to keep up with the needs and demand of commuters and falling behind other fast developing nations.

Across the United States, millions of Americans travel every day on crumbling roads and bridges and become further frustrated by unreliable transit systems. Joe Morelle believes that it is long past time that we make substantial investments in our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

In New York, Joe has tirelessly championed the need for continued maintenance and investments in our transportation infrastructure. He is the sponsor of the BRIDGE Reform Act (A5437), which would direct state funding toward bridge and road construction and repair and every year Joe leads the charge to significantly increase funding for state transportation infrastructure programs (2017-18 NYS Budget).

Joe understands that by making critical investments in the improvement and maintenance of our transportation systems we are securing the long-term stability of our nation’s infrastructure and ensuring the safety of commuters and travelers. In addition, investing in our transportation infrastructure will bolster local job growth, support larger development projects, and ultimately strengthens our nation’s economy.

If elected, Joe is committed to taking the following actions:

  • Stabilize the Highway Trust Fund and provide a major increase in federal investments to upgrade structurally deficient bridges, improve road quality, and improve access to reliable transit options;

  • Work to improve our nation’s inter-city passenger railroads and high-speed rail to connect more communities;

  • Support over $30 billion in long-term construction projects that would improve rail infrastructure, meet public demand and create thousands of new jobs;

  • Increase public investments in our airports and aviation systems to ensure we meet projected passenger growth and cargo activity;

  • Make sure money paid by shippers into the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund is used for its intended purpose – currently funds are being diverted away from the Trust.