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Joe is the son of a Korean War veteran and he grew up understanding that the many freedoms we enjoy in this country have been made possible by the brave patriots who chose to put on the uniform and defend our nation. And when our service men and women are ready to re-enter civilian life, the least we can do is ensure that they have access to the essential support programs and long-term care they need and deserve.

Joe believes that when our soldiers return home from fighting for us we need to step up and fight for them. That is why in the State Assembly, Joe co-sponsored the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act (A9135), which increases state contracts awarded to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses. In addition, he sponsored legislation making more veterans eligible for added civil service exam credits (A10038), and he also sponsored legislation creating new crimes for the cemetery desecration of a veteran (A2300).

In Congress, Joe will fight to ensure that active duty military personnel and veterans have access to the resources and support they need. This starts with protecting access to veteran’s healthcare and opposing attempts to place the well-being of our veterans in the hands of profit-minded corporations. Joe will support continued efforts to modernize and improve the Department of Veterans Affairs, he will prioritize efforts to expand access to mental health services, he will work to strengthen reentry programs, and he will fight to ensure veterans have access to good jobs with fair wages that ensure they can support their families and build a vibrant life outside of the armed forces.

If elected, Joe is committed to the following:

  • Increasing funding for the VA to hire additional employees and modernize operations;

  • Oppose any attempts to privatize the VA;

  • End sequestration – a practice that triggers automatic spending cuts that harm military families and veterans;

  • Passing legislation that expands mental health access for veterans;

  • Ensure the VA is fully implementing the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act;

  • Expand eligibility for the VA Comprehensive Caregiver Program;

  • Expand the scope of the Educational Credit Based on Military Experience to include the ability to apply military experience toward a degree at a vocational school or technical education program;

  • Expand veteran’s business outreach and job training programs.