As the son of a Korean War veteran, Joe grew up understanding that the many freedoms we enjoy in this country have been made possible by the brave patriots who chose to put on the uniform and defend our nation. When our servicemen and women are ready to re-enter civilian life, Joe believes the least we can do is ensure that they have access to the essential support programs and long-term care they need and deserve.

In Congress, Joe is working to ensure that active-duty military personnel and veterans have access to the resources and support they have been promised. This starts with protecting and modernizing the critical services and programs our veterans rely on and opposing attempts to place the Department of Veterans Affairs in the hands of profit-driven corporations. In addition, Joe is leading efforts to expand access to mental health services, strengthen reentry programs, and to ensure veterans have access to good jobs with fair wages so that they can support their families and build a vibrant life outside of the armed forces.

In Congress Joe has co-sponsored the following legislation:

HR 2184 The Reaching Every Veteran in Crisis Act
Requires the VA to fully utilize program funding to inform veterans of support services.


HR 3495 IMPROVE Well-Being for Veterans Act
Would enhance the coordination and planning of Veteran mental health and suicide prevention services in order to address the suicide crisis and its impact on Veterans.


HR 95 The Homeless Veteran Families Act
Increases financial support for housing programs for homeless veterans with dependents.


HR 2384 The Military Housing Oversight and Service Member Protection Act
Seeks to address unsafe living conditions and provide greater oversight of privatized military housing.


H. Resolution 105
Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to provide childcare assistance to veterans receiving certain medical services.


HR 3636 The Caring For Our Women Veterans Act
Seeks to ensure women veterans receive quality health care from the VA.


HR 3036 Breaking Barriers for Women Veterans Act
Would require the VA to implement changes to better serve women veterans.


HR 2200 Keeping Our Promises Act
Would add to the VA’s list of covered illnesses nine medical conditions, which are already recognized by the National Academy of Medicine as having evidence of being linked to exposure to Agent Orange.


HR 5058 Protecting Benefits for Disabled Veterans Act
Would make the Individual Unemployability (IU) Program at the VA permanent by making it law, and would prevent the VA from denying veterans IU benefits because of their age, classification of disability, or because they’re eligible for retirement benefits.


HR 886 The Veterans Treatment Court Coordination Act
Would require the Department of Justice to create a Veterans Treatment Court program.


HR 3010 The Honoring All Veterans Act
Would update the mission statement of the VA to be more inclusive of women veterans and today’s veteran population.


HR 1641 The LEGION Act
Seeks to ensure that veterans have access to the many resources offered by the American Legion.