Addiction is a scourge plaguing communities across the nation, spanning all socioeconomic backgrounds, and devastating countless families and individuals both young and old. Nationally, more than two million Americans are currently dependent on or abusing prescription pain pills and street drugs, and every day this epidemic claims the lives of over 120 people. 

This is the deadliest drug problem our nation has ever seen and that is why Joe has doubled-down on his commitment to attacking this epidemic head-on and is working in Congress and with our community to develop and implement comprehensive addiction prevention and treatment strategies that safeguard future generations from falling victim to the cycle of addiction.

In Congress, Joe has co-sponsored the following legislation: 

HR 2569 Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency Act
Would provide $100 billion in federal funding to begin treating the opioid crisis like that critical public health emergency that it is. 

HR 2482 Mainstream Addiction Treatment Act
Would vastly improve access to addiction treatment by eliminating the requirement that health care providers obtain a special DEA waiver in order to prescribe buprenorphine. 

HR 2439 The Opioid Workforce Act
Would add 1,000 Medicare-funded training positions to approved residency programs in addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry, and pain management. 

HR 2466 State Opioid Response Grant Authorization Act
Provides $5 billion over five years in federal grants to states for the purposes of expanding access to addiction treatment and increasing prevention efforts. 

HR 1767 Excellence in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Act
Would extend funding for the Certified Behavioral Health Clinics pilot program, which authorizes the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to provide enhanced payments to hospitals and health care providers in eight states, including New York, to offer comprehensive opioid addiction and mental health care services.