For too long our nation has been terrorized by a never-ending cycle of gun violence. That is why Joe has made passing and enacting common-sense gun reform laws that protect innocent Americans one of his top priorities.

Since being elected to Congress, Joe has authored and co-sponsored legislation that takes critical steps to ban assault weapons, make mandatory universal background checks and keep illegal guns off our streets. While Republicans and the gun lobby have turned a blind eye to this crisis Joe will continue to fight day in and day out to strengthen our nation’s gun laws and keep our streets and schools safe.

In Congress Joe has been fighting to pass the following legislation:

HR 8 The Bipartisan Background Checks Act
Mandates background checks on the sale or transfer of every gun.


HR 1112 The Enhanced Background Checks Act
Closes the “Charleston Loophole” and affords the FBI adequate time to conduct thorough background checks.


HR 1296 The Assault Weapons Ban
Bans the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of military-style assault weapons.


HR 1186 The Keep Americans Safe Act
Bans the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines and limits magazines to no more than ten rounds.


HR 2674 The Gun Theft Prevention Act
Requires firearm dealers to fulfill minimum security standards and requires the ATF to regularly inspect dealers.


HR 3076 The Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act
Allows family and friends to request law enforcement the confiscate firearms from certain individuals deemed unsafe.


HR 939 The SECURE Firearm Storage Act
Requires firearms to be securely stored by gun dealers in order to minimize occurrences of gun theft.


HR 869 The Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act
Prohibits the possession of firearms that would be undetectable by security devices.


HR 1454 The Cool Off Act
Would mandate a three-day waiting period before an individual may receive a purchased firearm.


HR 2708 The Disarm Hate Act
Would prevent the sale of firearms to individuals convicted of a hate crime.