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Donald Trump and leaders in Washington are waging an unrelenting war on hard-working families by sabotaging insurance markets and making health care less accessible and more expensive. And Republicans in Congress continue to advance fundamentally flawed and heartless policies that would strip healthcare options from millions of Americans and needlessly gut critical healthcare programming.


Joe Morelle believes that universal access to healthcare is a fundamental human right.

That’s why in the State Assembly he has worked to expand access to health coverage by sponsoring legislation which established the New York Health Benefit Exchange in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (A8514) and he led the fight to enact one of the most comprehensive autism insurance reform measures in the nation (A8512). In addition, Joe supported the creation of New York’s medical marijuana program and co-sponsored the nation's most aggressive breast cancer screening action plan (A10679).


In Congress, Joe will never stop fighting to make health care accessible to every woman, man, and child in this country. He believes that every American should be guaranteed access to the quality, affordable health insurance they deserve.


If elected, Joe will fight to advance a universal healthcare plan that utilizes many of the more successful elements of the Medicare program and accomplishes the following:


  • Expands, strengthens, and integrates Medicaid coverage for all Americans

  • Guarantees access to all, regardless of income, health status, age, or insurance status;

  • Eliminates underinsurance;

  • Establishes an out-of-pocket limit, expands coverage to include dental care and hearing aids, and provide integrated drug benefits;

  • Provides employees and employers with the option to participate in the expanded Medicare healthcare plan;

  • Preserve employer-based coverage as an option for millions of Americans who prefer their current coverage;

  • The cost of coverage would be offset significantly by reducing administrative costs, and creating incentives for wellness efforts;

  • Medicare tax rates would be progressive, and co-payments would also reflect income levels;

  • Negotiates prescription drug prices by giving preference to drugs whose prices reflect value and innovation;

  • Implements long overdue reforms to the payment and delivery system and take advantage of Medicare’s administrative efficiencies.