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Years ago, our nation struck a basic bargain with all Americans. We promised that after putting in a lifetime of hard work, after decades of paying into the system, there would be a lifeline available that guaranteed income security and access to health care during one’s later years in life.

Joe believes that at all costs we must honor the commitment and protect the promise of programs like Medicare and Social Security. Joe believes it is imperative that we strengthen and expand access to these vital programs and ensure their long-term viability.

If elected to Congress, Joe will fight to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare benefits and is committed to taking the following actions:


  • Oppose any benefit cuts to Medicare;

  • Oppose any attempts to privatize Medicare;

  • Fight back against Donald Trump’s attempts to block Grant Medicaid – which would lead to over a million seniors losing access to nursing home care;

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate for bulk prescription drug prices – which would lower prices for seniors and extend the life of Medicare by preventing overpaying.

Social Security

  • Oppose any benefit cuts to Social Security;

  • Oppose any attempts to privatize Social Security;

  • Oppose attempts to raise the retirement age for Social Security;

  • Eliminate Social Security's cap on taxable wages;

  • Strengthen the cost-of-living-adjustment and base it on a fully-developed Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E);

  • Reform Social Security to provide credits for caregivers of the elderly.